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AVD Monthly + Nerdio: August 2022 Updates

September 13, 2022 XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Pete Downing Season 1 Episode 19
AVD Monthly + Nerdio: August 2022 Updates
XenTegra - AVD Monthly + Nerdio
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XenTegra - AVD Monthly + Nerdio
AVD Monthly + Nerdio: August 2022 Updates
Sep 13, 2022 Season 1 Episode 19
XenTegra / Andy Whiteside / Pete Downing

These sessions discuss the following topics, blogs, and support articles: What's new in Azure Virtual Desktop? as well as the latest Nerdio updates.

Azure Virtual Desktop updates on a regular basis. This article is where you'll find out about:

  • The latest updates
  • New features
  • Improvements to existing features
  • Bug fixes

This article is updated monthly. Make sure to check back here often to keep up with new updates.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Greg Roberson

Show Notes Transcript

These sessions discuss the following topics, blogs, and support articles: What's new in Azure Virtual Desktop? as well as the latest Nerdio updates.

Azure Virtual Desktop updates on a regular basis. This article is where you'll find out about:

  • The latest updates
  • New features
  • Improvements to existing features
  • Bug fixes

This article is updated monthly. Make sure to check back here often to keep up with new updates.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-Host: Greg Roberson


00:00:03.280 --> 00:00:11.539
Andy Whiteside: Hi everyone and welcome to episode nineteen of Avd. Monthly i'm your host, Andy White. So I've got Greg Roverson with me as always. Greg. How's it going?

00:00:15.190 --> 00:00:16.930
Andy Whiteside: Gregor muted. Sorry.

00:00:18.650 --> 00:00:24.900
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Sorry about that. Yeah, i'm doing great. Got a couple of new things. I'm happy to talk about today.

00:00:24.910 --> 00:00:41.660
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, it's good. I honestly, I really do really really really do look forward to this one because that's the best way I keep up with uh the Abd world, and hearing your insights, and then I'm always curious to see what Nerdios what Nerdio has done to take it to the next level. I have a I have no doubt that the team over there has been

00:00:41.670 --> 00:00:46.390
Andy Whiteside: working away to keep rounding out the edges. Is that a fair way to look at it?

00:00:46.400 --> 00:00:53.980
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That's a very accurate way of looking at it. We've added some customer enhancement request in this next release,

00:00:54.450 --> 00:01:02.689
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: as well as some public preview options, a big one, a big one at that that we'll go over.

00:01:03.370 --> 00:01:13.499
Andy Whiteside: We've got an hour scheduled here. I'm looking at the Abd updates, and there's only about five of them. So it won't. Take long, and then we'll go over and see what you guys have been up to.

00:01:13.820 --> 00:01:18.010
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah, I I had a visual my head, you know, rounding out the edges, and

00:01:18.020 --> 00:01:38.269
Andy Whiteside: the Avd started off with some really, really, really blunt edges. They kind of soften those a little bit, and they're more like, you know, like maybe like an octagon at this point, maybe more than octagon. I'm not a. I used to be a geometry big. I'm not anymore. I don't. I don't know what's bigger than Octagon, but i'm sure there's still plenty of edges that need to be rounded out. To be frank

00:01:38.280 --> 00:01:43.090
Andy Whiteside: that there'll ever be a time where there's not edges in Abd to round out. What do you think

00:01:43.600 --> 00:01:49.459
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: I? There's always going to be some edges to round out, because you know they you,

00:01:49.470 --> 00:02:17.810
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: you know Microsoft provided a a nice platform for idi. Ah, but we also know that there has been two other players in the market for a lot longer than Microsoft has been, and have a lot more options. Now I I I may not expect to see them offer all of the custom options that, uh, the other players have offered, but they still have a little bit of ways to go to try to. You know even that playing field which they've done quite well in the last six months.

00:02:18.530 --> 00:02:26.009
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Well, then, the other part is those pesky users. Those customers keep coming up with new ideas and things they wanted to do. You're right about that.

00:02:26.230 --> 00:02:32.230
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: You're out about that. The one, the one one of the ones I hear all the time it'll be nice to see. But i'm

00:02:32.320 --> 00:02:39.869
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: i'm not terribly hopeful that it'll ever happen is an updated Rdp client with better graphics performance,

00:02:41.330 --> 00:02:48.690
Andy Whiteside: You know, and I just assumed that was happening. Let's take a little sidebar on two topics real quick. One is the

00:02:48.790 --> 00:03:03.120
Andy Whiteside: one is the Rdp client being better and lighter and evolving and having more channels and capabilities to it. I'm. I'm. Under the impression that Microsoft has secret Rdp sauce, Rtp. Meeting remote desktop

00:03:03.130 --> 00:03:20.109
Andy Whiteside: presentation protocol or Maybe it's remote desktop vertical. Um, but I keep on the in person. They have a secret, one of those for a Vd. That makes it better, and they keep working on that, and everybody else just gets, you know. Regular old Rdp. Am I totally off, or is that how it would happen?

00:03:20.120 --> 00:03:37.880
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Um, they keep modifying it. They do have a special version of Rdp specifically for Abd, and they have added some nice enhancements to that, namely, the two that have been added from a performance. Perspective is one being the ability to

00:03:38.360 --> 00:03:51.890
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: log into multiple Avd environments with different accounts, which was super helpful. And then, you know, more recently a short path protocol

00:03:51.900 --> 00:04:08.660
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: to speed up performance to an extent. But I think customers are looking for maybe a little more performance, you know. Put into either the Rdp protocol directly, or maybe a little bit different. Right? Um, We do, partner with other vendors

00:04:09.010 --> 00:04:23.659
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: for high, graphic, intensive. Ah, Ah, graphics! So you know the time will tell Ah! To see if they go that route, or if they leave it to their partners to do it,

00:04:24.690 --> 00:04:43.089
Andy Whiteside: and historically they have left it to their partners. But the Avd addressable need and their need to create, you know, azure desktop workloads running in azure. It's just too great to to leave that out there, and and then require a third party to make it work Well, in my opinion I have to assume you feel the same way.

00:04:43.100 --> 00:04:45.130
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, I do. I do.

00:04:45.800 --> 00:04:57.470
Andy Whiteside: The other one that's not on here that I want to ask you about. Real quick is as your stack. Hci. I think that has come to fruition, and that is real. Are you seeing people?

00:04:57.610 --> 00:04:59.489
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: We look at that.

00:04:59.500 --> 00:05:13.909
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: We have a handful of customers running an audio manager on Hci with Avd. It's kind of a niche product for a Microsoft side, not a huge adoption for it,

00:05:14.000 --> 00:05:20.980
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: because of the nature of it. Right where the customer has to purchase their own equipment, which can be somewhat pricey.

00:05:20.990 --> 00:05:36.990
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, and so it's kind of one of those you know, areas where, yeah, I I think, when I was originally over Microsoft, the the conversation was around. Well, just imagine if you were an oil worker on a a rig out in the Gulf, right?

00:05:37.000 --> 00:05:48.429
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, with, you know very minimal bandwidth. You'd like to do some processing on the rig. So for those kind of areas it's great. I've had a number of customers

00:05:48.490 --> 00:05:50.329
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: in the pass. It

00:05:50.390 --> 00:06:06.530
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: just wanted to have an azure presence in their own data center. And so the way Hci actually looks to the environment is effectively just another region, albeit a private region for that individual customer.

00:06:06.620 --> 00:06:07.690

00:06:09.100 --> 00:06:20.680
Andy Whiteside: yeah, I I do know a partner out there. In fact, I may be looking at him in my reflection here that would go out, and, you know, basically buy the the hci, the actual stack for the customer, so they don't have that big upfront capex lift.

00:06:20.750 --> 00:06:28.239
Andy Whiteside: I've been waiting for that opportunity to do that. I think that's doable. Where the customer doesn't have to, you know. Doesn't have to buy that hardware.

00:06:28.290 --> 00:06:34.529
Andy Whiteside: I'm excited about finding that scenario somewhere. We can figure out a good way to go solve that on behalf of

00:06:34.820 --> 00:06:40.629
Andy Whiteside: Uh Microsoft and the customer, and make it, you know. Still make an optics discussion.

00:06:40.650 --> 00:06:44.590
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That'll be nice. That'll be nice also to mention. Go ahead.

00:06:44.600 --> 00:06:55.559
Andy Whiteside: Well see we already doing that in some cases with different platforms. Um! I just. I got to get my pulse on the azure stack hci world, and figure out a way to take that thing to market.

00:06:57.520 --> 00:07:09.719
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: It's a sometimes it's a little a little difficult. It didn't take off as quick as I think. Microsoft originally wanted, but I agree with you. It's it's catching on but slowly.

00:07:09.800 --> 00:07:10.830

00:07:11.720 --> 00:07:23.380
Andy Whiteside: all right uh so august two thousand and twenty-two updates around avd we'll knock these out real quick. Let me share my screen. You know exactly which ones I'm looking at. Sorry about that. But I already did.

00:07:25.020 --> 00:07:50.679
Andy Whiteside: And just for our listeners. These things are also gonna go on our Youtube Channel. In fact, they have been there probably a few weeks behind. At this point my college interns went back to college. I mean that coming. Um. But um! As we get our interns back they'll get these videos posted up so people can see what we're talking about. But, uh, the first one is the updates to preview version of Fs. Logics, profiles for azure. Eighty joined Vms.

00:07:50.980 --> 00:07:55.729
Andy Whiteside: So it's really we're just talking updates to Fs logics, for as you're joined

00:07:55.920 --> 00:07:56.980

00:07:58.600 --> 00:08:14.999
Andy Whiteside: and just for our listeners, hopefully, most of them know this, but you don't have to, and there's been a long history of users that we're joined to as your ad. But the machines themselves, the device objects being in as your ad has not been around that long, has it?

00:08:16.240 --> 00:08:20.390
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: It, Hasn't? It's a it's relatively new in this last year,

00:08:21.310 --> 00:08:30.349
Andy Whiteside: as your ad really started off about identity management. And now the machine user identity management. Now, machine identity becomes, you know, part of that story.

00:08:32.429 --> 00:08:41.780
Andy Whiteside: Of course, we want that to work with Fs logics in such a way that these profiles can be managed from as your ad. Because you know why not?

00:08:42.380 --> 00:08:58.080
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah. They still have a little, I think they. There's still a little bit of work to be done, especially if you're looking to do Fs logics with application, masking as your domain join doesn't currently. Well, I should say Fs. Logics Doesn't currently support

00:08:58.090 --> 00:09:07.500
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: as your domain join for application masking. So let's hope they get that updated and can have that new capability.

00:09:07.510 --> 00:09:20.929
Andy Whiteside: You do you have any success stories with people using at masking. So let's look at There's lots of that virtualization technologies out there, the granddaddy of all like the app presentation virtualization. But then there's

00:09:21.020 --> 00:09:29.090
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: application masking where you put the apps in the image. You just don't let people see it unless they've been allowed to see it. Have you seen customers? Taking advantage of that,

00:09:29.100 --> 00:09:33.589
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: I see about twenty five percent of my customers taking advantage of it,

00:09:33.690 --> 00:09:43.719
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: And the idea, like you said, is to be able to deploy the app within your image. And just, you know, hide those things that are, for

00:09:43.730 --> 00:09:56.319
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: for one reason or another, Typically, it's because they, the customer, has a limited set of licenses, and so they want to limit it and availability to those users.

00:09:56.660 --> 00:10:10.210
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: But about twenty five percent of our customers are using that. It's you still end up, you know. If you, If you used at masking across the board, you could end up in all honesty with a very, very large

00:10:10.670 --> 00:10:26.440
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: image if you deployed everything. So I see a combination of splitting up those images for different workloads along with at masking on us on a smaller scale than you otherwise could do,

00:10:26.940 --> 00:10:37.939
Andy Whiteside: and you still have the world of application and conflicts, even though you know, as long as you don't try to jam one hundred one hundred apps in a single image these days. You don't get a whole lot of that. I don't think

00:10:37.950 --> 00:10:54.320
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: you you don't, and and and when you run into those situations that's one of the ah ah, marquee! Ah, ah! Ah! Reasons why you would. Ah, maybe look at going with Emsix appetite for those applications that Don't necessarily play well with others.

00:10:56.080 --> 00:11:04.890
Andy Whiteside: All right, Well, let's go the next one single sign on, and password less authentication. Now in windows, Insider Preview. What is What does this mean?

00:11:05.480 --> 00:11:10.690
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So, from what I am aware of, this is where

00:11:11.010 --> 00:11:29.579
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: they're adding some features and capabilities within windows. Ah! To take the user's login and utilize it further down the road it's an insider preview. So I haven't really had much interaction with it at this point.

00:11:29.590 --> 00:11:43.190
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, but I have seen some articles and some ah ah webcasts from Ah, say Azure Academy on Youtube that has gone over this. It's It's an interesting thing. It's a

00:11:43.670 --> 00:11:59.380
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: If If you or anybody watching Hasn't seen Azure Academy go, take a look at it on Youtube. You'll learn a lot of ah new things that are coming down and or currently out for Abd.

00:11:59.830 --> 00:12:09.470
Andy Whiteside: So it is this passwordless authentication that's kind of like maybe kiosk. And Oh, what do we used to call those anonymous connections?

00:12:09.530 --> 00:12:11.690
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Uh, no, they're not an animal. No,

00:12:11.700 --> 00:12:16.589
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: no, they're They're using the credentials that the user is logged in with.

00:12:21.790 --> 00:12:22.910

00:12:22.990 --> 00:12:29.139
Andy Whiteside: Well, and the single sign on that means, like I log into the environment. And then I don't get prompted again when I hit the desktop

00:12:29.150 --> 00:12:31.029
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: for sure for sure.

00:12:31.960 --> 00:12:35.530
Andy Whiteside: All right. Okay. Printing people still print right?

00:12:35.750 --> 00:12:50.000
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: They do um interesting that it's now in winning. So ah windows inside of preview I haven't seen this from an update perspective. But I know universal prints have been around for a while. So i'm not quite up to speed on that one. Yet.

00:12:50.140 --> 00:12:51.420

00:12:51.430 --> 00:12:59.110
Andy Whiteside: basically this has to be like a universal driver scenario and azure, so that you get that printing experience that

00:12:59.190 --> 00:13:03.929
Andy Whiteside: allows almost anything to be able to print to whatever that print device is

00:13:03.940 --> 00:13:09.010
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: right. And so they're still working on manufacturers to get support for universal print.

00:13:09.030 --> 00:13:13.929
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: They have been for the last year or so, and this just may be the next revision of it.

00:13:14.250 --> 00:13:22.889
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, it's, you know. Printing still comes up, and a lot of almost everybody friends. I'm probably as digital as they come, and I still for an occasion. And it's

00:13:22.900 --> 00:13:24.559
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: yeah you got to be able to

00:13:25.630 --> 00:13:39.399
Andy Whiteside: uh auto scale for pulled post pools now generally available to auto-scale for pooled posts, so those will be non- persistent um pools of desktops

00:13:39.640 --> 00:13:45.190
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: uh I guess in tech preview is now full on, allowed to pull on for supported Right?

00:13:45.200 --> 00:13:50.869
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah, I love how they reuse the name auto skill.

00:13:51.500 --> 00:14:08.949
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, if i'm not mistaken when you know Nerdio started out, utilizing that name within, and they may be causing a little bit of confusion, because I believe it's still called scaling plans. Ah, within avd, which may be what they're referring to

00:14:09.390 --> 00:14:10.490
Andy Whiteside: ten

00:14:10.570 --> 00:14:14.689
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: which has been around in Preview for for quite some time. So

00:14:14.700 --> 00:14:19.489
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: what you're highlighting is people like Nerdio have had this for Avd for quite a while.

00:14:19.500 --> 00:14:20.759
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That is correct.

00:14:21.530 --> 00:14:27.089
Andy Whiteside: All right, Last one is as your virtual desktop with trusted launch updates.

00:14:27.620 --> 00:14:45.409
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: What does that mean? So that's ah for those environments and the customers that are looking for a much more secure boot with a virtual Tpm. Chip on the environment. And that's an evolving process. We do support that as well.

00:14:45.420 --> 00:15:03.940
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, we're evolving with it, as well as some of the trusted lodge is is Ah Morphing. Ah! Almost on a monthly basis a little bit as a tweak it so. Ah, more and more customers you're looking to have a more so secure

00:15:03.950 --> 00:15:09.650
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: uh boot up uh for their avd vms, and that will address that

00:15:11.310 --> 00:15:24.200
Andy Whiteside: all right. Well, that's it for the Microsoft official updates to avd in August of two thousand and twenty-two Greg. I haven't even looked yet. I'm gonna jump over to the Nerdio. It's kind of like a

00:15:24.210 --> 00:15:36.190
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: it's kind of like, Yeah, I have no idea what's over here, so I have no idea how many, and I have no idea which specific ones we're going to talk about. So

00:15:36.200 --> 00:15:40.000
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: yeah, we have about uh two thousand and nineteen, I think.

00:15:40.010 --> 00:15:41.949
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah, um updates.

00:15:41.970 --> 00:15:51.310
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: But the big ones are obviously going to have the nice little pretty pictures on them. The singer was. But hit start by. Hit me with the best shots.

00:15:52.520 --> 00:15:59.319
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Let's see. So let's start off with Abd the first one abb per user. Cost reporting.

00:15:59.700 --> 00:16:07.180
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So this is going to be a huge value to many, many customers. It's a nerdio premium feature.

00:16:07.910 --> 00:16:16.669
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: This is where Nerdio will provide you the information around your

00:16:16.870 --> 00:16:18.600
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: the Vms

00:16:18.800 --> 00:16:23.399
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and Os disc cost your Fs. Logic, storage

00:16:24.150 --> 00:16:26.549
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: your network egress fees,

00:16:26.960 --> 00:16:32.890
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and a number of other things that don't necessarily fall in to a particular category. Right.

00:16:33.020 --> 00:16:36.409
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So we can collect all that information

00:16:36.600 --> 00:16:41.189
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and give you effectively three different types of reports,

00:16:41.200 --> 00:16:44.580
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and it does work across subscriptions

00:16:44.610 --> 00:16:46.629
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: within the same tenant.

00:16:47.190 --> 00:17:06.500
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So with that we, the three reports, are going to be proportional. So the Proportional Report is going to provide you a cost. Allocation with a higher amount of cost to those users that log in more versus a lower cost to the users that log in and less.

00:17:07.190 --> 00:17:19.419
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: We also offer a uniform. Ah, report where it takes the overall cost of your Avd environment and divides it up amongst evenly amongst all of the users that have logged in.

00:17:19.890 --> 00:17:25.810
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Then the third option would be just straight up, unallocated, right? So you'll get

00:17:26.250 --> 00:17:28.670
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: your overall avd cost

00:17:28.680 --> 00:17:46.330
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: your ah ah per user? Cost, as well as a breakdown of each individual. User So for each user you'll get their total cost plus their Vm. Cost. Their storage costs their network cost and all those things right,

00:17:46.340 --> 00:17:58.200
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: so you'll be able to break that down, download those in a Csv format and charge back, or do whatever you like from a billing perspective internally, or just to keep track of the environment.

00:17:58.980 --> 00:18:06.790
Andy Whiteside: So I feel like we talked about some of that last time was that in a preview mode last time, and this is the go live, or was it limited last time we talked about it?

00:18:06.800 --> 00:18:24.909
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: It was very limited last time. So last time last month it was in a private review that we were only offering it to select customers in version four dot three, which is expected to drop this week it will be publicly available. Ah preview option. So

00:18:25.260 --> 00:18:30.759
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: you won't have to ask us to give you the secret sauce and commands to enable it anymore,

00:18:31.020 --> 00:18:35.790
Andy Whiteside: and this has available in what the version the premium fee premium feature

00:18:35.800 --> 00:18:39.260
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: premium feature, a premium version of four point three.

00:18:39.410 --> 00:18:43.879
Andy Whiteside: So premium addition of version four dot three.

00:18:44.000 --> 00:18:45.130
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That is correct.

00:18:45.210 --> 00:18:53.120
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: And Greg. Remind me real quick. What are the different editions? So we So we have a standard edition, and we have a premium addition

00:18:53.190 --> 00:19:11.200
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and kind of the highlights between the two. With premium you get the ability, obviously for user cost reporting. You'll get management over your log analytics workspace. You'll get the ability to add custom. Power back rules within Nerdio

00:19:11.210 --> 00:19:23.410
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and ah some other things along with um. Ah split deployments. So if you need to deploy between a commercial and a gov tenant. That's a premium feature,

00:19:23.490 --> 00:19:36.240
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and then we have some additional windows, three hundred and sixty-five license management features in that premium as well, and some other really smaller ones. But those are really the big ones for the

00:19:38.130 --> 00:19:43.890
Andy Whiteside: Okay. Great? What? What next? Feature that came out in four point three.

00:19:43.900 --> 00:19:52.279
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So the next. So the next one we're going to go ahead and do is the we're going to go kind of down the list here. So personal

00:19:52.380 --> 00:20:01.150
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: post-pool auto shrink. So last month we release personal host pool auto grow. Okay,

00:20:01.160 --> 00:20:13.650
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: this month we've added auto shrink to personal host pools effectively, saying, delete the Vm: If the user Hasn't logged in red within the specified amount of time that you set

00:20:13.660 --> 00:20:23.290
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: for the environment. So that way you're not deploying a virtual machine for a user and having to consume those resources with the user never logging in

00:20:23.300 --> 00:20:24.310
we don't

00:20:24.320 --> 00:20:38.250
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: to another cost-saving measure. That Nerdio has provided, along with the time management saving of the auto grow feature, and you can set that between one and nine hundred and ninety days.

00:20:38.260 --> 00:20:55.430
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: I I have. Yeah, I mean, typically, you're not going to go that far. I mean somebody. If Somebody Hasn't logged in within sixty days, you know. To be honest with you, they probably aren't going to log in after that, and if they do, they might as well ask for a new of the M. At that point. Right? What goes there?

00:20:55.710 --> 00:20:58.200
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: You know they didn't use it the first time.

00:20:58.230 --> 00:21:08.420
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, can you have? Do you have any real world examples of where you've seen this? Be something that people needed? They realized, you know, six months later that they've created all these desktops. These people never use them.

00:21:08.490 --> 00:21:29.130
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: We have. Ah, we have quite a few customers that have actually asked for this specific for their very reason. They think they know, and they've been given kind of how many users that they should expect, and they deploy that level of resources and come to find out that they don't, and they have to go manually, you know. Remove those users.

00:21:29.140 --> 00:21:32.649
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Um! It's also, uh, you know,

00:21:32.660 --> 00:21:54.079
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: sometimes arduous, to have to go look through the environment manually to determine how long somebody is actually not logged in right? This automates that process automatically for you. We know when the last time that user logs in, and if it's less and greater than the time we've allotted, we just we take care of it for you,

00:21:55.220 --> 00:22:02.830
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: You said, This is for personal pool that's irrelevant right for port. It is irrelevant.

00:22:02.940 --> 00:22:26.649
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: We have the ah! We don't necessarily have auto shrink the problem with the pooled environment. Isn't so much that you've over provisioned it. Ah, the vast majority of the time! It's because you've under provisioned the pool. So it That's not necessarily a request that we've seen on the pool side, because, like I said it's, the problem is typically a flip-flop from a personal pool.

00:22:27.010 --> 00:22:28.090

00:22:28.160 --> 00:22:31.990
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: You know. User customers are a lot more

00:22:32.000 --> 00:22:48.190
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: at tune with their cooled environments typically because they're trying to save as much money as possible with the resources that are provided. So you'll typically see those skinny down far more than approval.

00:22:48.200 --> 00:22:54.979
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Right? That's a lot easy to maintain and measure. Tell like inventory kind of thing where you could see it growing and shrinking.

00:22:54.990 --> 00:23:05.709
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Exactly, I mean in in a, in a polled environment you can end up with one or two extra vms in a personal host pool. You can end up with twenty, thirty, forty, fifty extra details

00:23:08.240 --> 00:23:11.299
Andy Whiteside: all right. What's What's What's next on the Hit parade here.

00:23:11.310 --> 00:23:27.420
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So our next is the addition of automatic backups, and restoring a session host either the long way or the short way, So we do support instant restores, ah! Through snapshots, or ah, full restores directly from a recovery services.

00:23:29.630 --> 00:23:32.360
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: And this will give users

00:23:32.380 --> 00:23:41.820
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: some users if they have the permissions, the ability to restore some of their own personal beings as well.

00:23:41.830 --> 00:23:47.169
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: You'll see that you'll see. I'm sorry you'll see that option down below it as Well,

00:23:47.240 --> 00:23:54.180
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: this is using the the ability to back these up within azure, the correct.

00:23:54.240 --> 00:24:07.089
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So there's two types of backups within azure kind of an instant backup where it's just a snapshot, and then there's a full azure backup that puts it into a recovery service as well.

00:24:07.100 --> 00:24:25.340
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That process is a bit lengthier in time, so it could take, typically, you know, an hour to an hour and a half to actually get it fully backed up, and then up to fifteen hours to get it restored. Now you can certainly call and open a ticket for Microsoft to have that sped up,

00:24:25.350 --> 00:24:34.279
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: but it's a manual process. The backups into our Carbonyl's service as well are really meant for more of a long-term need rather than

00:24:34.290 --> 00:24:46.529
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: instant turnaround. And so what we've done is added the ability to do. Belt. Take advantage of both features within azure the instant and the full backup.

00:24:47.580 --> 00:24:48.750

00:24:49.160 --> 00:24:54.350
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: we on the personal side. That's that's a huge win for the and you

00:24:54.360 --> 00:25:05.569
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: yeah, the kind of sort of it is you got to remember on the personal Vms. If they restore it, they're going to lose everything they've done so it's. Beware of what you do.

00:25:05.790 --> 00:25:06.590

00:25:06.600 --> 00:25:10.189
Andy Whiteside: Well, they're going to lose it as of the last backup.

00:25:10.200 --> 00:25:11.470
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That is correct.

00:25:11.480 --> 00:25:18.589
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: That is correct, which in, you know, many cases in my life, and i'm sure yours like I could have just put this backward.

00:25:18.600 --> 00:25:24.589
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Morgan. Yeah, Yeah, more times than I can count myself.

00:25:24.600 --> 00:25:26.189
Andy Whiteside: And the truth is, it was

00:25:26.200 --> 00:25:29.709
Andy Whiteside: something I wrote, not something that broke me more often than that

00:25:29.720 --> 00:25:30.850
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: right? Right?

00:25:31.180 --> 00:25:37.170
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Next thing that we've added is the addition of Fs. Logic's office containers.

00:25:37.180 --> 00:25:45.939
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: I don't necessarily see a lot of customers, and ivd really separating off their office containers from

00:25:45.950 --> 00:26:15.129
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: their profile. Ah, with an Avd. But there are those Customers that do. Ah configure it that way. And because of that we now offer the ability to add that configuration alongside of your profile configuration. And essentially, what this does is it takes your office products. Ah! In the cache file right? You're off the your ost and whatnot for email and offloads that to a completely separate ah profile

00:26:15.640 --> 00:26:21.710
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: disc to theoretically help with performance.

00:26:21.720 --> 00:26:22.600
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Um,

00:26:22.690 --> 00:26:38.370
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: again, I don't see it used a lot, but we do have some customers that have, and and have asked for it. And so now they now they can configure that directly through Nerdio, rather than having to manually configure that on their

00:26:41.030 --> 00:26:57.630
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: our next one is going to be as your resource, graph Api optimization. Now, this is not necessarily one that every customer is really going to see if you're a very large install based customer of Abd. This may very well be of a high utilization, for

00:26:57.830 --> 00:27:10.050
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: so we have ah, quite a few customers that are tens of thousands of end users in. Ah, ah! Utilizing a Vd. And when you get environments that large

00:27:10.310 --> 00:27:17.160
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: you start running into, you know, performance problems specifically with the azure infrastructure.

00:27:17.340 --> 00:27:19.499
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: And so what we've done

00:27:19.610 --> 00:27:31.190
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: is added this capability to use the Graph Api service

00:27:31.580 --> 00:27:37.080
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: kind of a cash for those large customers,

00:27:37.440 --> 00:27:40.680
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: so that we don't just hit azure

00:27:40.870 --> 00:27:43.790
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: with all of the request all at once

00:27:43.940 --> 00:27:49.830
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: you can put it in this. We put it in effectively this queue that will slowly submit the request

00:27:50.140 --> 00:27:54.760
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: in a more reasonable fashion for those larger environments

00:27:58.540 --> 00:28:01.589
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and then we have, and then we have um

00:28:02.200 --> 00:28:21.900
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: the self-service for end-user restore You You can define whether or not all users can reimage or reimage their desktops, or certain you know individuals. But it adds, it's a premium feature as well.

00:28:21.950 --> 00:28:25.790
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So So you know, this is something we

00:28:25.860 --> 00:28:33.589
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: typically or I'll put it this way. This is something we expect to see in more of a development environment.

00:28:33.600 --> 00:28:58.799
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So this is not really something I I would necessarily say, give to your, you know, everyday end-user, because they, could you know, really, you know, put themselves from a deployment perspective or lose data. This is really put in for. So for those development environments that are doing, testing, and when they're done with the testing, they just want to do a quick restore and run a different test.

00:28:59.170 --> 00:29:05.789
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: And that's primarily where the requests came from, and that's where I expect to see it utilize the most.

00:29:07.160 --> 00:29:22.419
Andy Whiteside: I could really use this myself every now and then. One I've got my own lab environment. But I can't keep a thing up today. I just I just can't. But knowing that I could play in a Vd. With this feature at my fingertips would just be extremely powerful.

00:29:27.470 --> 00:29:34.290
Andy Whiteside: Um, the next one in here says self-service in user desktop re image is that I guess this is part of the

00:29:34.580 --> 00:29:36.649
Andy Whiteside: they are the same thing.

00:29:42.570 --> 00:29:44.389
Andy Whiteside: I credit your mute now.

00:29:45.790 --> 00:29:52.800
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Thank you. Yeah. I haven't dug into both of those just yet, but they're very, very somewhere.

00:29:55.360 --> 00:29:56.610
Andy Whiteside: It turned in.

00:29:56.850 --> 00:30:01.469
Andy Whiteside: I'm. Trying to read through the the verbiage here, just to figure out what the differences are.

00:30:05.310 --> 00:30:12.669
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Oh, is that like? Reimaged from the like? The gold image. That is correct. It's very similar. It's it's very similar.

00:30:13.170 --> 00:30:16.339
Andy Whiteside: It just takes you back to the snapshot number one basically

00:30:16.880 --> 00:30:18.130
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: correct.

00:30:18.640 --> 00:30:25.289
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: All right. We want to keep going here. We got a few more minutes, and we got a handful of things left. Any any specific ones you want to highlight.

00:30:25.300 --> 00:30:30.709
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Well, some some of the nice niceties. First off is the global.

00:30:30.720 --> 00:30:50.419
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Ah, so we've We've added some custom additional custom views between eight and eleven options that you see on the page where we're actually going to present some additional custom views for customers upfront to help, you know. Help them out of the box with some

00:30:50.430 --> 00:30:58.319
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: more capabilities right within nerd that are already there. But we're just going to bring them more to the forefront

00:31:00.090 --> 00:31:01.100

00:31:01.270 --> 00:31:15.669
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: so it's just as far as I don't understand what you mean. So these are customs. Users right? So you're gonna create a custom view for all of your remote apps, or you know, for your session host,

00:31:15.680 --> 00:31:35.490
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and that type of thing, right? So we're providing ah, some additional features or additional views in that perspective, and bringing them ringing them from a ah default installation out up front rather than having to go install and then go configure them. And we did. We have found that

00:31:35.640 --> 00:31:51.600
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: customers didn't necessarily know about the custom views. And so we're bringing them to the forefront to really, you know, look shine a line on it a little more so pre-packaging some of these views. Now these views for the administrators are views for the end users.

00:31:51.730 --> 00:31:54.310
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Uh they either or

00:31:54.420 --> 00:31:55.640

00:31:55.650 --> 00:32:03.390
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: I thought. I answered my question to myself. So the administrative, Where? What do we end? Users see in the nerdier world? They just well, they're kind of

00:32:03.400 --> 00:32:04.390
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: well, sorry.

00:32:04.400 --> 00:32:13.999
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah, they're not end Users Aren't necessarily going to see it. But you could have other levels of administration that may see it right at it,

00:32:14.930 --> 00:32:21.359
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and then we've also added an enhanced searching capability. So the

00:32:21.690 --> 00:32:26.919
this is more of a If I'm not mistaken, more of a global search throughout the system,

00:32:27.390 --> 00:32:33.080
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: then it'll highlight, as you can see the search when it finds it on the page.

00:32:33.280 --> 00:32:38.649
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So just an enhancement to the overall search capabilities within Nerdio itself,

00:32:38.770 --> 00:32:39.840

00:32:41.110 --> 00:32:47.839
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: one of the things that we've run across is when we ingest existing environments

00:32:48.080 --> 00:33:09.740
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: is having to select significant numbers of networks and resource groups that have to get linked. So this is a nice law enhancement from a deployment perspective, allowing you to link multiple resource groups and networks upfront rather than having to do them one at a time. It speeds up deployment, ease of use.

00:33:09.990 --> 00:33:17.689
Andy Whiteside: How often is it you're ingesting an existing Abd environment versus, you know, starting from scratch with somebody,

00:33:17.700 --> 00:33:20.389
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: It's about fifty or sixty percent of the time.

00:33:20.400 --> 00:33:44.119
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Um, if not more than if not, maybe a little more than that. We often see existing customers. So we'll we'll. We'll find those we'll have those customers reach out to us that have deployed Avd. They get frustrated with the the level of management and overhead associated with it, and they reach out to us, and when we jump in there

00:33:44.130 --> 00:33:50.549
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: like pleasantly surprised, obviously because of the ease of use and the automation. But and probably I'd say

00:33:50.560 --> 00:33:52.539
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: sixty percent at least.

00:33:53.050 --> 00:34:05.089
Andy Whiteside: But I I have to say there's plenty of people out there that jump into the Abd world thinking, Okay, this is just going to be a point clit and get it done, and they find out somewhere in the deployment. It's not, or we're somewhere doing the maintenance. Not. And That's when you guys come to the rescue,

00:34:05.100 --> 00:34:22.280
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: right? And and what we see more and more these days really is. When Microsoft gets an Avd customer they just quite often, but those customers will ask them Well, do you have any partners that do this? And first thing they say is, Yes, we do,

00:34:22.290 --> 00:34:31.840
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Nerdio, And so we are seeing less existing and more new. But still about sixty percent of the time through existing customers.

00:34:32.580 --> 00:34:41.560
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah, I was gonna make a joke. You guys are like the cheery on top. But, to be honest, you guys with the ice cream and the icing, and the cherry on top everything

00:34:41.570 --> 00:34:45.379
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: uh, and it's just the pancake. If you don't have that stuff

00:34:45.389 --> 00:35:08.170
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Exactly. Exactly. And then the last remaining a couple items, we've done some automatic updates for the Fs Logics page, and added, Ah, some windows eleven update scripted action as well as Ah Ah! Hosting a disaster recovery post pool without the use of Fs logics.

00:35:08.180 --> 00:35:13.890
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So we have ran across a number of customers that are using cloud cash

00:35:13.970 --> 00:35:32.529
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and um. Are they doing Dr. Scenarios? But Don't necessarily want to use cloud cash in that situation. And so we've gone from ah to this release, requiring cloud cash for Dr. To making cloud cash option. Ah! In a Dr. Scenario.

00:35:32.660 --> 00:35:40.089
Andy Whiteside: That sounds interesting. Is there any way you can describe why they would want to not bring that stuff with them in the Dr. Moments.

00:35:40.100 --> 00:35:53.069
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So our Dr. Solution with cloud cache is is an evolution of what we have available to us from within the A. D. Environment and cloud cache introduces

00:35:53.080 --> 00:36:02.339
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: some additional storage cost, obviously as well as a bit of latency for the end. User

00:36:02.690 --> 00:36:06.810
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: And so this option was put in so that you can disable cloud cache.

00:36:07.340 --> 00:36:15.779
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Have a manual external process, manual or automated external process of effectively just copying those user profiles

00:36:16.420 --> 00:36:23.700
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: from point A to point B, getting the same result without the without the additional latency.

00:36:23.710 --> 00:36:24.490
Andy Whiteside: Okay,

00:36:24.500 --> 00:36:27.100
Andy Whiteside: that that that that does make sense.

00:36:27.480 --> 00:36:29.690
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Just bring it over when you need it.

00:36:29.700 --> 00:36:33.619
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yep, and uh, uh, pretty much. The last one is going to really be

00:36:33.720 --> 00:36:47.920
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: the Fs logics and Abd Agent updated versions. Now some of your users listening to this, may look at that and go well. Fs: Logic's hot ticks. That's great, however

00:36:47.930 --> 00:37:00.580
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: interesting version. One hundred and four, seven hundred and thirty, nine, one thousand for the agent. That's not the current release, and they would be correct.

00:37:00.950 --> 00:37:18.239
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Okay, Um: The current release. We have been unable to find a way to actually download. Okay, So not only so fifty, one hundred is the current release. This is the latest version that's been made available for download an update outside of that

00:37:18.250 --> 00:37:38.899
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: azure automatically updates those once they get deployed anyway, so it's not as big of an issue, because as soon as it gets deployed it can update itself unless you set a schedule within azure or Nerdio to the a specific maintenance window timeframe.

00:37:39.620 --> 00:37:47.250
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: But the idea here is the previous version of the One Hundred and Four Release

00:37:47.340 --> 00:37:50.760
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: had a pretty big bug in it. And so

00:37:51.010 --> 00:38:04.249
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: at least this way uh Microsoft has provided that version that this particular version available to us, that we can start installing and bypass that original bug that they had in the last major piece.

00:38:04.830 --> 00:38:09.229
Andy Whiteside: You know one of the things I really think about whenever I have these calls with you guys is

00:38:09.400 --> 00:38:16.039
Andy Whiteside: the idea that if you go Abd, you're kind of going going all by yourself, and you don't really have that,

00:38:16.200 --> 00:38:27.240
Andy Whiteside: that, I Guess Tour guide to kind of help. You see what's there that you would miss all by yourself. And you guys really, through the magic of software bring those things to the surface and

00:38:27.620 --> 00:38:31.449
Andy Whiteside: help people who are adopting Abd. Not not necessarily feel like they're doing it alone.

00:38:31.490 --> 00:38:54.439
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: We do. We incredibly simplify the process. But that being said, it is still quite important for your customers to understand kind of what is going on in the background, because you got to remember inertia is managing the deployment of the infrastructure, but not necessarily the virtual machines in the Os and within the Os right.

00:38:54.450 --> 00:39:19.550
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: So you know, Nerdio can't affect really the Rdp client in any former fashion, or the Avd gateway that the users log into. So we do make it super simple from a deployment perspective, but it is also very important that customers understand the underlying technology to to to ah better understand. You know which direction you go when they do run into some of those issues,

00:39:20.330 --> 00:39:21.439

00:39:21.470 --> 00:39:29.889
Andy Whiteside: Well, Greg, I think we've got to the end of this. I appreciate you jumping on with us every week or every month and going through the the Microsoft updates and then

00:39:30.020 --> 00:39:33.600
Andy Whiteside: kicking their butt with the Nerdio updates. You guys are really just

00:39:33.780 --> 00:39:50.610
Andy Whiteside: really just like we said earlier, rounding out those those edges for them, and i'm sure they don't mind right. They they they love Microsoft's always been a company that relied on partners like you partners like us that ultimately help users get into the game into the finish line

00:39:51.010 --> 00:40:00.019
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: and keep in mind. We're trying to stick pretty strictly to new release fifteenth of every month.

00:40:01.550 --> 00:40:16.600
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: I'm. Sure you guys have plenty of Ah, our backlog, Our backlog is huge, with all the requests. Absolutely. Well, what you're doing there, you just making it harder and harder for anybody to catch you. You guys are so out from with all these things that that make it more functional like that.

00:40:16.610 --> 00:40:21.989
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Somebody would. Really, I don't know how anybody would be in to catch up. Yeah, it wouldn't be easy. It wouldn't be

00:40:22.000 --> 00:40:26.409
Andy Whiteside: the way it would be to acquire you guys, which I don't know if you're for sale or not. But i'm sure plenty of people are looking.

00:40:26.420 --> 00:40:28.340
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Not any time soon, I hope.

00:40:28.350 --> 00:40:34.680
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Yeah, we're having too much fun over here. Nerdy is a great place to work at, so I have a stick it out as long as we can.

00:40:35.540 --> 00:40:40.920
Greg groberson@getnerdio.com: Well, Greg, I appreciate it, and we'll do it again next month.